Friday, May 9, 2014

It is possible to idea management fun game-like "BBC Pinball"

Why BBC? It is not also do not think, but the idea management tool unique is it seems to be out.This tool, you can go out the different ideas like a game named "BBC Pinball".
↑ This is the main menu. I can four.
↑ The first is "Dot Dash". It is a mind mapping tool.
↑ following "WILD REELS". I will combine the ideas roulette manner.
↑ "DROP ZONE". It is possible to continue to classify the idea.
↑ "SNAP SHOT". It is an image editor ....
(However, Japanese is NG overall) it is be good when you want to the idea out fun is feeling "idea management?" Only the last "SNAP SHOT", but the other three As a tool typical.
It goes up tension Because anything that interface, such as a vintage game. The idea that you put in some tools to take over the other tools is also nice feature.
How about when it is called, or try to put out the idea for a change a little. Available is here.
» BBC - Scotland - Pinball

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